Feb 06 2011

Green & Yellow!

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Green & Yellow!

Nov 23 2008

Seven Pounds Premiere

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Nov. 21st 8:20am – My cousin works for the Denver Broncos in the operations department, which I keep telling him is a pretty sweet job, he travels with the team, checks the players in and out of certain places. Gets to go in the locker room, on the sidelines, etc. Anyhow, it turns out that a bunch of the players for the team have tickets and are going to the first showing and premiere of the new Will Smith movie Seven Pounds tonight at 7:30. The radio and my cousin also said that Will Smith himself will be there on the red carpet for the event, along with who knows how many other celebs. My cousin was fortunate enough to get a few tickets to the show and he asked me if I wanted to go! I have never been to one of these events before so this should be an interesting experience. I will post more after I attend on how the movie was, who all was there and maybe even some photos if I am lucky enough to get to take some.

Nov. 22nd – After waiting in the cold for almost two hours we were allowed into the theater to see the movie. Before that took place we were caged up like livestock in front of the theater awaiting Will Smith and a speech. There were a couple local news vans, KYGO a country radio station in Denver as well as KS1075 Denver’s hip-hop and R&B station in attendance. Larry Uliberry was the master of ceremonies in a way, in that he introduced Will Smith and the others speaking at the Premiere. Also gracing the red carpet with their appearances were Brandon Marshall and Champ Bailey of the Denver Broncos. There were several other players but not as big of named players. Plus after Will Smith gave a short speech and donated 300 turkey’s to the Rocky Mountain food bank Frank Lucas style Champ Bailey and Brandon Marshall presented Will Smith with a #1 Broncos jersey with Smith on it. Hopefully a star as big as Will Smith has better taste and isn’t really a closet Broncos fan. See some photos of all this below and a short review of the movie afterward. I didn’t remember my digital camera so these photos were taken from my iPhone. Sorry for the quality, but lay off me, it’s the best I could do!

The movie itself I enjoyed. It wasn’t a heavy action movie which is typical with Will Smith movies. It had a very unique tempo and time line. To be honest because if the order of events I was a bit confused in the beginning of the movie but then clarification was later revealed. I think that this was a very inspirational yet borderline controversial movie. Will Smith gives a different type of performance than you are used to seeing him play.

I could try to explain the storyline to you, but then it would take away from the opportunity to view the film without a lot of background knowledge. I think part of the films power is for us the viewer to interpret what we see for ourselves, rather than have someone explain it. Will Smith plays an IRS agent named Ben Thomas. You know that either something bad happened or is going to happen from the very first scene of the movie in which Ben Thomas (Will Smith) is shown on the phone reporting a suicide. One of the topics of discussion after the movie will undoubtedly be Ben Thomas’ plight. It truly is a quality movie, that gives a message to the public in a very powerful way and will make anyone take a moment to think about their own life and actions.

It is a fairly clean movie, that I feel would be appropriate for children except they probably wouldn’t understand most of it or be bored with the tempo so in that respect you might consider taking the kids to Madagascar 2 before this one.

Touching moral and ethical issues in this movie will definitely pull at most people heart strings, so if you don’t want your buddies to see you get misty maybe watch this one with the old lady.

Nov 08 2008

Shoulder Pain

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On October 30th I fell and injured my shoulder. It turned out it was a third degree separation and it was sore as hell. They are making me wear a sling during the day for a couple weeks along with the usual, icing, rest, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers. I don’t like taking the painkillers while at work because they make me tired. Anyway I had a couple pictures of the damage done. It’s embarrassing to be a klutz.