Jan 28 2014

Needing some TLC

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After a review of my site after neglecting it for far too long I have decided to take matters into my own hands and do some serious cleanup and maintenance of the site. You may see some things move, be removed or changed completely. I need to upgrade some tool-kits and remove some unused code and tool-kits. To make a long story short, things will be changing around here soon and once things are clean and neat I can work on the 1,295 draft blog posts I have started and left to collect dust.

Sep 28 2012

Does My Vote Even Matter?

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You don’t know how many times I’ve heard this from friends, family or co-workers the last few months. I don’t blame them, in this nation of so many, how can a singular vote make the difference? Let me tell you why I think every vote is important and how you can justify making a choice even if you are in the same boat as myself and aren’t impressed with either candidate.

First, let me clear up a few things. I am not a democrat, nor am I a republican, I am actually registered as an independent. Which with conservative parents and grandparents, a mixture of both sides with my co-workers and friends and there are always those that are extreme one way or the other it has always been interesting for me to hear both sides of the story before making a decision. I attribute this somewhat to my parents being divorced when I was young. Having your parents giving you conflicting opinions and guidance through adolescence tends to foster independent thinking. I digress.

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Jun 26 2012

What a slacker!

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I can’t believe I haven’t made a new blog post in close to a year. Albeit I’ve been busy, that is no excuse!

I’ve been to four concerts, a fishing trip, moved my grandmother along with several other things that have kept me away from my computer. I must say, I’ve had a great time doing it too! Something about being on a computer all day for my “real” job really softens my desire to get back on when I get home. =)

I do have some half baked posts on some interesting topics I will be making it a point of finishing soon during the summer.

I hope everyone is doing fantastic and look for some fun things coming soon.

Jun 25 2009

iPhone 3.0 Software Suggestion

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Well as you are all probably aware Apple released their new 3.o iPhone software on June 17th. Promising cut & paste, a compass, and global search among other things. According to Apple, one-hundred plus additional features were added. I must admit there are a lot of nice features and I am very happy that such a basic function such as cut & paste was added so by no means will I be complaining the rest of this post. Let’s just think of it as making suggestions from a content point of view. Here are a few things that I notice weren’t a part of the 3.0 upgrade:

1. Sound Customization:

Sure you can purchase a song you have already purchased on iTunes and make it into a ring tone but that can get pricey fast. Where is the custom ring tone feature and why do I have to pay for a song twice to get in into a ring tone? I believe I should be able to convert any of the purchased music on my machine into a custom ring tone. Don’t tell me it’s not possible because I know for a fact it is, because I have done it… 🙂

Also, why is it that I can’t change the alert sound for SMS, e-mail or Calendar events to anything more than the provided with the phone? Comparing to the Blackberry’s settings, I can turn the volume up high and play something obnoxious while I am on-call to ensure I hear the phone. On the iPhone the e-mail notification alert is brief at best, and not customizable. I think that something along those lines could be expected if Apple wants to continue to press the market who is currently using Blackberry’s. Read the entire post…

Mar 05 2009

Baby Diapers

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Over the course of the last few days you all may have seen the Denver Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler in the news and refusing to communicated with his team because there were rumors that they had listened to trade talk. In Denver he has quickly become the laughing stock of fans, talk radio hosts and news commentators. I was bored the other night and just had to contribute.

Honestly Jay? Chauncey Billups (n MVP of the NBA Finals mind you) was traded this year after spending six years in Detroit and you didn’t hear a peep out of him. Joe Montana was traded to the Chiefs after a hall of fame career in San Fransisco and not even a bad word was uttered. Brett Farve, another hall of famer, while he did get a lot of press coverage never acted even remotely close to the way you have. So my question to Jay Cutler is, who do you think you are?

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