Jun 25 2010

It’s been too long…

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It’s been way to long since I’ve made a new blog post and just as long since I have worked on updating the site. For that I apologize! The last 6 months to a year have been busy. I bought a house last year and it has proven to drain my time, energy and bank account! I am not complaining by any means, but anyone who has purchased a repossessed home knows exactly what I am talking about. Plus, being a first time home owner I underestimated the amount of tools and items needed to have a house. From saws, rakes & lawnmowers to curtains, cleaners and light fixtures it seems like I’m close to having it all! Read the entire post…

Oct 01 2009

Rocktober is here!!!

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Rockies win 9-2 today against the Brewers!! This means they have clinched the Wildcard in the NL! They have 3 games left against LA and if they win all three they win the NL West division! My boy Thomas tha Franchise (@ThaYoungHype on Twitter) made this jam in 2007 when the Rockies made their amazing run and they are baaaaack!! Check it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEcVjS_YOmc

This isn’t a very big post but I am so excited for the Rockies and wish them the best the next few games! Let’s Go!!! The Rocks Up!!

Update 10/2/2009:
Since the song above was from two years ago, this next one is from about a day ago. Same guy, Thomas tha Franchise!
Rocktober Round 2

Sep 21 2009

Poor Kanye

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Well, the content of the post really won’t reflect the title. I was browsing the net tonight and fooling around in Photoshop and I saw a skit on Conan that inspired me to take the photo Conan joked about a little further. Apparently Kanye West decided to roll to the Video Music Awards with a bottle of Hennessey. I know everyone is sick of hearing about their opinion of the guy and the way he behaved so I am just going to post my photo and you can decide how you feel about it all on your own.



Aug 20 2009

HD size in Windows?

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The other night at golf league one of the members was commenting on how he ordered a new computer and “upon delivery the hard drive was reported as 20gb less than what the size on the website” had advertised. He was supposed to have 160gb hard drive, but when Windows was installed and the drive was viewed for available space it showed around 149gb. With the hefty Windows install, the drive was down close to 125gb. I had a good idea of what was going on as far as interpreting what a hard drive truly consisted of and how the computer interpreted it. A quick Google search pulled up some forum debates and a few good articles. Tech Support Guy Forums has a member that gave a pretty straightforward answer.

That’s right. That is the true amount of space on a one terabyte drive. The manufacturer’s use 1000 kb as one MB, rather than 1024 kb.

Read the entire post…

Jun 25 2009

iPhone 3.0 Software Suggestion

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Well as you are all probably aware Apple released their new 3.o iPhone software on June 17th. Promising cut & paste, a compass, and global search among other things. According to Apple, one-hundred plus additional features were added. I must admit there are a lot of nice features and I am very happy that such a basic function such as cut & paste was added so by no means will I be complaining the rest of this post. Let’s just think of it as making suggestions from a content point of view. Here are a few things that I notice weren’t a part of the 3.0 upgrade:

1. Sound Customization:

Sure you can purchase a song you have already purchased on iTunes and make it into a ring tone but that can get pricey fast. Where is the custom ring tone feature and why do I have to pay for a song twice to get in into a ring tone? I believe I should be able to convert any of the purchased music on my machine into a custom ring tone. Don’t tell me it’s not possible because I know for a fact it is, because I have done it… 🙂

Also, why is it that I can’t change the alert sound for SMS, e-mail or Calendar events to anything more than the provided with the phone? Comparing to the Blackberry’s settings, I can turn the volume up high and play something obnoxious while I am on-call to ensure I hear the phone. On the iPhone the e-mail notification alert is brief at best, and not customizable. I think that something along those lines could be expected if Apple wants to continue to press the market who is currently using Blackberry’s. Read the entire post…

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