Feb 19 2013

Help the Babies!

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It’s only a couple of months from now and once again I am raising money for babies and children in need. Visit my donations page and find more information about the walk there and donate if you can afford it!Better yet. If you’re free, sign up for you own page and gather donations too and come walk with me!

Thank you!

Nov 26 2012


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Support Men's Health

Please help raise awareness for Men’s Health and raise money for research of prostate and┬átesticular┬ácancer.

Whether for your friends, family or co-workers help men everywhere who run the risk of being diagnosed with testicular or prostate cancer.

I’m growing quite the mustache for the cause so help me out if you can:


Jan 22 2010

It’s that time again!

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It is about 90 days away from this years March of Dimes. I did this last year for the first time, and was disappointed with the outcome. Yes I raised some money, and yes I did the walk, but the amount of money I raised I felt could have been more. I am all signed up again this year to walk on April 24th, so let’s see how round two ends up. Read the entire post…

Mar 10 2009

Please help me raise my goal of $200 dollars for the March of Dimes and research for premature birth in babies. You can learn more by visiting my donation page:


Donate what you can, and every bit helps, or if you don’t have anything going on April 25th sign up and come walk with me!!