Feb 19 2013

Help the Babies!

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It’s only a couple of months from now and once again I am raising money for babies and children in need. Visit my donations page and find more information about the walk there and donate if you can afford it!Better yet. If you’re free, sign up for you own page and gather donations too and come walk with me!

Thank you!

Jan 22 2010

It’s that time again!

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It is about 90 days away from this years March of Dimes. I did this last year for the first time, and was disappointed with the outcome. Yes I raised some money, and yes I did the walk, but the amount of money I raised I felt could have been more. I am all signed up again this year to walk on April 24th, so let’s see how round two ends up. Read the entire post…

Nov 16 2009

10 Books Deal

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Hi all. Just recently I realized a couple things about myself and my day to day habits. As you may know, I am a Computer Analyst for my ‘real’ job during the week & I am a freelance Web Designer and Programmer in my spare time, so to say I spend too much time on a computer is an understatement. When you throw in a heavy dose of Television, being the big sports fan I am, along with a Conan, Jimmy and Comedy Central fan, you could say that TV takes up a majority of my spare time. I do get to the gym, and walk my dog, along with the typical household chores, you know… laundry, dusting, vacuuming, dishes, trash and so on. However somewhere along the way something has gone amiss. Read the entire post…