Hello All —

Just a quick post so you know if you’ve posted a comment here before and were wondering where your post might have gone, it is lost forever and is not coming back. After getting overwhelmed with spam posters and getting around 900 spam posts to moderate a week I decided to clear all the comments from all posts to do a couple things. One, reduce traffic from those ‘bots’ and ‘spammers’ who have posted here before. And two, clear up a lot of the bogus comments cluttering up not only the website but my database. Anyhow I will try to keep up with the comments and such from now on, but this had to be done.

I also updated the intro page to the site and made a quick update to the iTunes Tools download for 64-bit systems as well. I have been working on my ‘commenter’ for a lack of a better name and it’s coming along nicely, still have a few things I need to work out on it before its ready for some beta testing, the first place of which will be right here on my site.

Anyhow I am going to try to get some sleep before I get called for work again, I am on call this week. 🙁