It is about 90 days away from this years March of Dimes. I did this last year for the first time, and was disappointed with the outcome. Yes I raised some money, and yes I did the walk, but the amount of money I raised I felt could have been more. I am all signed up again this year to walk on April 24th, so let’s see how round two ends up.

This really is a legitimate cause and event. If you don’t know what it is or why you should donate you can learn all you could possibly want to know on the Internet and here are some great resources as well:

There are also some people against the walk. Just like any topic there are two sides of the story and the debate. You can judge for yourself their stances:

I can understand both sides of the conflict. I have a dog named Ozkar. I can’t imagine he be used for ‘painful experiments’. I wouldn’t allow it. However, I would much rather have this be tested on rodents, rabbits, pigs & primates than sick baby Sean, or Lindsey, or Katie. I didn’t want to get too political, but it looks like it’s too late!

Speaking from experience, I know money is tight these days, at least for myself. So it is hard to give up money. You don’t have to give much. If $5 is all you have to give, give it! We can build on that!

Click here to donate what you can to help the babies…

  • I had to up my goal! Twice! Thank you so much to everyone who was kind enough to give to the March for Babies. The walk is only 19 days away so I hope I can reach my newest goal. Talk about underestimation!