Sep 28 2012

Does My Vote Even Matter?

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You don’t know how many times I’ve heard this from friends, family or co-workers the last few months. I don’t blame them, in this nation of so many, how can a singular vote make the difference? Let me tell you why I think every vote is important and how you can justify making a choice even if you are in the same boat as myself and aren’t impressed with either candidate.

First, let me clear up a few things. I am not a democrat, nor am I a republican, I am actually registered as an independent. Which with conservative parents and grandparents, a mixture of both sides with my co-workers and friends and there are always those that are extreme one way or the other it has always been interesting for me to hear both sides of the story before making a decision. I attribute this somewhat to my parents being divorced when I was young. Having your parents giving you conflicting opinions and guidance through adolescence tends to foster independent thinking. I digress.

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Jun 26 2012

What a slacker!

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I can’t believe I haven’t made a new blog post in close to a year. Albeit I’ve been busy, that is no excuse!

I’ve been to four concerts, a fishing trip, moved my grandmother along with several other things that have kept me away from my computer. I must say, I’ve had a great time doing it too! Something about being on a computer all day for my “real” job really softens my desire to get back on when I get home. =)

I do have some half baked posts on some interesting topics I will be making it a point of finishing soon during the summer.

I hope everyone is doing fantastic and look for some fun things coming soon.

Aug 22 2011

Smart Playlists in iTunes

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Music has come a long way in the last decade. I remember when in junior high and high school when taking the bus from school, for sporting events, walking home or just in class listening to my Discman I’d have to carry along all my favorite CD’s and being the music enthusiast I am, that means a lot of CD’s. If you wanted a “mix” then, that meant you went through songs from CD’s and on your computer and burnt a “mix” CD. Boy am I glad things have progressed. Now, iTunes (which revolutionized music, sharing and how we listen to music in itself) has a Genius function that automatically makes music mixes for us based on the types of music we have downloaded in our libraries. The best part of all this is that we can sync these playlists and music selections to our iPods, iPhones and virtually any other portable media or device.

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Feb 13 2011

Recently I upgraded my router at home. There was nothing wrong with my old router, I just wanted to upgrade especially since I have a new plasma TV in my basement that is WiFi capable, so I didn’t want my video streaming experience to be hindered due to my router. My old router was a Linksys WRT54GS and was very reliable. It was compatible with the B & G wireless standards but not with the newest standard, N. After doing some reading on the subject the wireless N standard was my best bet for getting the most out of streaming to my television as well as supplying wireless access to my laptops, iPhone and Kindle throughout my house with minimal interference.
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Feb 06 2011

Green & Yellow!

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Green & Yellow!

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