Aug 14 2009

Today I am going to talk about a handy dandy little command available to us from the Windows Command Prompt.

If you are like myself and work in the IT world your computer and the applications, tools and configuration of it mean the world. Sometimes, as in my case, you have a set of applications and tools that are constantly open on your machine, from the time you flick it on until the time you shut down for the day. Instead of having to start each application individually each time you boot up, wouldn’t it be nice to have them all start as part of the computer booting up? Take for example myself. I ALWAYS have TOAD, OUTLOOK, a Browser, and AutoSys open on my work laptop. So I created a simple batch file that uses the START command to open all these tools for me when my computer starts up. That way I can boot my computer, then go get some coffee, chat with a colleague or get some breakfast, and when I get back all those applications are loaded and ready for use.

I know half of you are saying, “Chace, why don’t you just add these items to your Start Up directory?” That is a good question, but I have found with different versions of Windows and depending upon the application, they don’t always start up as desired. Aside from that this gives you one place to add, subtract and adjust what you want to start, just simply by editing the Batch File. Read the entire post…

Oct 21 2008

Get in Sync

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I have noticed, not only in my personal life, but in a majority of my friends and family that things on the computer can get messy, jumbled, and even out of synch.

Take for example my younger brother. He downloads music on a regular basis and plays this music in iTunes. However he has his iTunes music library on a different drive than where his songs are being downloaded. He is constantly in the need of copying files or syncing files from his downloads location to his music library location.

I myself do a lot of webdesign, photography, imaging and ‘tinkering’ in which I like to occasionally backup but without having to manually walk through everything to do so.

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