Beer in Germany

Beer in Germany

So my first international flight was a long one. Flew from Charlotte, NC to Frankfurt Germany this morning, or last night, or whatever you want to call it. I had a three plus hour layover before my next flight to India so I did some wandering and checked things out.

The McDonald’s menu is much different than in America. I see croissants and other breads, but no biscuits. Chicken on the breakfast menu as well. And McCafe is a separate establishment!

T-Mobile provides free 30 minutes worth of WiFi which I am using now to write this, which I haven’t seen in the states. You’re lucky to find free “good” WiFi anywhere in the states.

I couldn’t stop in Germany without having some beer, so I am the big American sitting at the restaurant drinking pilsner at 9:15am… It is 1:15am my time in the States but they don’t care. I still feel silly, but the beer tastes good.

I leave at 11am to Chennai India which is another 9 hours flight. I plan to have another beer before my free WiFi runs dry and try to get some sleep on my flight.

I am traveling alone so instead of being able to talk to others about my thoughts I am talking to you instead! =) Don’t be surprised if I post more in the next two weeks than I have since the site began.

So long Germany, until the next time!