Mar 05 2009

Baby Diapers

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Over the course of the last few days you all may have seen the Denver Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler in the news and refusing to communicated with his team because there were rumors that they had listened to trade talk. In Denver he has quickly become the laughing stock of fans, talk radio hosts and news commentators. I was bored the other night and just had to contribute.

Honestly Jay? Chauncey Billups (n MVP of the NBA Finals mind you) was traded this year after spending six years in Detroit and you didn’t hear a peep out of him. Joe Montana was traded to the Chiefs after a hall of fame career in San Fransisco and not even a bad word was uttered. Brett Farve, another hall of famer, while he did get a lot of press coverage never acted even remotely close to the way you have. So my question to Jay Cutler is, who do you think you are?

Feb 28 2009

Good News

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Since I got off work yesterday two things have happened in the sports world that are making this weekend quite possibly the best weekend I have had in a while!

As some of you know I am a huge sports fan, and more specifically a Nuggets basketball fan as well as a Kansas City Chiefs football fan. Last night the Nuggets managed to hold the first place team in the Western Conference under 80 points. The best part of this is that the Lakers average 109 points a game, which is a huge defensive stance by the Nuggies! This is a good sign from the Nuggets especially because of the recent loss to Boston at home where it would’ve appeared they had no defensive skills at all!

The second piece of good news which I just found out was that the Kansas City Chiefs just signed Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel from the N.E. Patriots! I guess that puts all the talk of who the starting QB in KC will be this next season to rest, at least for a while. Plus the pickup of Vrabel can’t hurt the defense who is very young and could use the leadership of a vetran linebacker.

These two events along with some personal events that are taking place have combined to make this one sweet weekend for me so far. Right now I am going to step away from the PC and enjoy the nice weather we have here in Denver and possibly go hit some golf balls. Cha!!