Oct 22 2009

Commenters beware!

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Hello All —

Just a quick post so you know if you’ve posted a comment here before and were wondering where your post might have gone, it is lost forever and is not coming back. After getting overwhelmed with spam posters and getting around 900 spam posts to moderate a week I decided to clear all the comments from all posts to do a couple things. One, reduce traffic from those ‘bots’ and ‘spammers’ who have posted here before. And two, clear up a lot of the bogus comments cluttering up not only the website but my database. Anyhow I will try to keep up with the comments and such from now on, but this had to be done.

I also updated the intro page to the site and made a quick update to the iTunes Tools download for 64-bit systems as well. I have been working on my ‘commenter’ for a lack of a better name and it’s coming along nicely, still have a few things I need to work out on it before its ready for some beta testing, the first place of which will be right here on my site.

Anyhow I am going to try to get some sleep before I get called for work again, I am on call this week. 🙁

Sep 21 2009

Poor Kanye

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Well, the content of the post really won’t reflect the title. I was browsing the net tonight and fooling around in Photoshop and I saw a skit on Conan that inspired me to take the photo Conan joked about a little further. Apparently Kanye West decided to roll to the Video Music Awards with a bottle of Hennessey. I know everyone is sick of hearing about their opinion of the guy and the way he behaved so I am just going to post my photo and you can decide how you feel about it all on your own.



Aug 20 2009

HD size in Windows?

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The other night at golf league one of the members was commenting on how he ordered a new computer and “upon delivery the hard drive was reported as 20gb less than what the size on the website” had advertised. He was supposed to have 160gb hard drive, but when Windows was installed and the drive was viewed for available space it showed around 149gb. With the hefty Windows install, the drive was down close to 125gb. I had a good idea of what was going on as far as interpreting what a hard drive truly consisted of and how the computer interpreted it. A quick Google search pulled up some forum debates and a few good articles. Tech Support Guy Forums has a member that gave a pretty straightforward answer.

That’s right. That is the true amount of space on a one terabyte drive. The manufacturer’s use 1000 kb as one MB, rather than 1024 kb.

Read the entire post…

Aug 14 2009

Today I am going to talk about a handy dandy little command available to us from the Windows Command Prompt.

If you are like myself and work in the IT world your computer and the applications, tools and configuration of it mean the world. Sometimes, as in my case, you have a set of applications and tools that are constantly open on your machine, from the time you flick it on until the time you shut down for the day. Instead of having to start each application individually each time you boot up, wouldn’t it be nice to have them all start as part of the computer booting up? Take for example myself. I ALWAYS have TOAD, OUTLOOK, a Browser, and AutoSys open on my work laptop. So I created a simple batch file that uses the START command to open all these tools for me when my computer starts up. That way I can boot my computer, then go get some coffee, chat with a colleague or get some breakfast, and when I get back all those applications are loaded and ready for use.

I know half of you are saying, “Chace, why don’t you just add these items to your Start Up directory?” That is a good question, but I have found with different versions of Windows and depending upon the application, they don’t always start up as desired. Aside from that this gives you one place to add, subtract and adjust what you want to start, just simply by editing the Batch File. Read the entire post…

May 17 2009

Spring Time

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Well it’s spring time and that means several things. One, my time spent inside on my computer is taking a backseat slowly and surely to being outside. Especially now since I have a house of my own to keep up with I have plenty to do including weeding, planting, mowing, painting, cleaning and all the joyous things home ownership brings. Another thing that comes with spring time is the NBA playoffs and as you all may know, my Denver Nuggets are killing it so far this year. I really haven’t missed hardly any games at all this year (thank God for Altitude), and I do mean from game one in the fall to game one of the playoffs and up until now. I am not your run of the mill local band wagon jumper; I even placed a bet on them to win back in October right after the Rockies blew it! Doesn’t it grind your gears when you are devoted and supportive of your team regardless of their record and then they finally are doing well for themselves and all these faux-fans come out of the woodwork, laying claim that they were always down for the cause?! Read the entire post…

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