So, I have been in India for just over a full week now and have seen a lot, eaten some great food, made some friends and learned a LOT. You’ll see above some of the photos I’ve taken as part of my adventure. I have more and will take more and plan to share in another post when I return to the U.S.

The Cognizant office hours are accommodating and I think we’re making good progress from that standpoint (which is why I am here) and I have met some very nice people in the office. I have also found an “after office” life here at the Asiana hotel. The whole place is very nice, spacious and clean! It took me a couple days to adjust from being behind 11.5 hours but finally have been sleeping well also. Three restaurants, a bar, a pool, gym, laundry services, 24 hour room service, cable and internet… what else could a guy want?

Lastly, before I get back to some actual work, I have seen so much being here it has really warped my view of the world as I knew it, for the better. I’ve learned some things that have opened my eyes and am grateful for the opportunity to visit such a wonderful country like India.

Enjoy the pictures and I’ll be posting more as I sort through them all!